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2 sailing Greenies on board a 12.2 metre 2003 Granger catamaran


Tina Godden


Ted Godden

1st Captain

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Day 59: Red Bluff to Carnarvon

5 July 16, a great sleep. We waited to 1st light before heading off so Ted could check out if there was surf but sadly with the swell rolling in from…

06 Jul 2016 by: Tina

Day 58: Pt Maud to Red Bluff

4 July 16, having assumed we were stuck waiting out the weather until Wednesday we didn’t rush out of bed then a quick look see at breaky showed a ve…

04 Jul 2016 by: Tina

Day 57: Chabjuwardoo Bay to Pt Maud (Coral Bay)

3 July 16, after a very rock’n roll night (tide v’s wind + swell) we pulled pick early and headed towards Pt Maud (11nm away). As it was raining Ted …

03 Jul 2016 by: Tina

Day 56: Pt Cloates to Chabjuwardoo Bay

2 July 16, after breaky Ted and I packed ourselves into the dingy for a 17nm round trip to check out the remains of a Whaling Station at Norwegian Ba…

02 Jul 2016 by: Tina

Day 55: Yardie Creek to Pt Cloates

1 July 16, our day started with strong winds as we headed out 1st light. Despite my several layers of rugged up I still had the shivers as I stood up…

01 Jul 2016 by: Tina

Day 54: Yardie Creek

30 June 16, A quiet morning for us as we snuggled down with books waiting for a 25knt southerly to blow past. By midday it had died down and Ted scoo…

30 Jun 2016 by: Tina

Day 53: Tandabiddi to Yardie Creek

29 June 16, waking to especially beautiful weather we decided we would have a go slow day out on the water and abandon our rule “under 5knt=motors on…

29 Jun 2016 by: Tina

Day 52: Exmouth to Tandabiddi

28 June 16; As Ted had a work call @ 7.30 so we didn’t rush away and instead after the call was all done we headed to the Novotel for breaky with Kev…

28 Jun 2016 by: Tina

Day 51: Tent Island to Exmouth

27 June 16; we set off early while we still had enough tide to get out…it was getting super shallow, super-fast. As we have no idea where we will be …

27 Jun 2016 by: Tina

Day 50: Tent Island (Exmouth Gulf)

26 June 16; we woke to strong S winds so didn’t race out of bed…that and the fact it was bloody freezing. Ted and I are both getting very nervous abo…

26 Jun 2016 by: Tina

Day 49: Tent Island (Exmouth Gulf)

25 June 16; today it blew and blew and blew so we read and read and read. A great day of relaxing after our 9 hr sail yesterday.

25 Jun 2016 by: Tina

Day 48: Onslow to Tent Island (Exmouth Gulf)

24 June 16; Early start was achieved…thank god as we had 53 nm to cover in the day. My thoughtful hubby left me asleep for the 1st couple of hours wh…

24 Jun 2016 by: Tina