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Last full night at sea

This should hopefully be our last full night at sea. At sunset we have 140nm to run to Barbados, so if we keep up a 6 knot average then we should be…

21 Dec 2021 by: Mark on Tuuletar

290nm to go

Apologies for missing a log entry yesterday. The conditions have been so incredibly consistent the days are just merging into each other and you los…

20 Dec 2021 by: Mark on Tuuletar

Rolling away

Another day just rolling toward our destination. We are now nearly 500nm from Barbados. Viola was the star of the day steering through a 40-45 knot …

19 Dec 2021 by: Mark on Tuuletar

In the groove

Just now we passed a very large pod of whales and sailed right through the middle of them. I'm quite sure they were a pod of around 12 or more sperm…

17 Dec 2021 by: Mark on Tuuletar

845nm to go

Nothing special to report for yesterday and today. The wind was stable between 15-20 knots and we were able to roll along quite comfortably (still…

16 Dec 2021 by: Mark on Tuuletar

Easy days

We just passed the point with 1000nm to go. For the first time since departure 12 days we have made a change in our angle of sail to the wind and ma…

15 Dec 2021 by: Mark on Tuuletar

Conditions easing

Conditions overcast and squally overnight, clearing late-morning this morning and we ended with clear skies and a nice fresh 20-25 knot breeze with t…

13 Dec 2021 by: Mark on Tuuletar

Riley's birthday

Tonight we pass the half way point by distance with 1325nm to go to Barbados. It was also Riley's birthday celebrating his 32nd in the middle of the…

12 Dec 2021 by: Mark on Tuuletar

Slow squally day

Conditions remained favourable today, although we had overcast conditions in the morning which brought more rain with associated squalls. The patche…

12 Dec 2021 by: Mark on Tuuletar

Easy day

Conditions eased today with the wind dropping to around - and at times less - than 20 knots. The sea state also improved quite dramatically with the…

11 Dec 2021 by: Mark on Tuuletar

Rolling downwind with a stiff breeze

The poled out staysail, tripple reefed main and milk crate drogue worked well last night. We could have easily got by without the milk crate, as mos…

09 Dec 2021 by: Mark on Tuuletar

Slow day but more wind incoming

We have joked that the good thing about our spare Genoa we have up is that us it breaks we can easily fix it with some UHU glue and toilet paper. It…

08 Dec 2021 by: Mark on Tuuletar

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