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Tangalooma Wrecks, Moreton Island

We really enjoyed our time here especially because it was shared with good friends Scott & Sonja. A mix of eleven old barges & dredges were delib...

23 Jan 2018 by: Julie on Clawdette

Dockside Marina, Brisbane City

We have just left Dockside Marina after a month, spending Christmas & New Year right in the heart of Brisbane City, what a treat! It was really nic...

18 Jan 2018 by: Julie on Clawdette

Mooloolaba and new sails!

After 3 months away from Mooloolaba and Singita, which for me included two months working in Singapore, we were ready to come back to Queensland an...

16 Jan 2018 by: Scott on Singita

Wide Bay Bar

Another good crossing :-)

05 Dec 2017 by: Julie on Clawdette

Great Keppel Island

GKI, as it is known as, is a great place to chill out due to it's lack of development which, is both good & bad. Bad because the local area suffers...

01 Dec 2017 by: Julie on Clawdette

Lady Musgrave Island

What a fantastic place this is! Don't tell anyone! Let them keep passing it by whilst heading to the very popular Whitsundays! This beautiful lago...

30 Oct 2017 by: Julie on Clawdette

Singita alone again

Time to leave and go back to Perth for Sonja and back to Singapore for work for me came around all to quickly. After a few days of busy activity in...

11 Oct 2017 by: Scott on Singita

Mooloolaba and Sails

We had been deciding (read procrastinating!) over replacing sails on Singita for the past 4-5 months, and we finally decided to bite the bullet, an...

09 Oct 2017 by: Scott on Singita

Inskip Point to Mooloolaba

After spending an uneventful night on the anchor, we awoke at 0500am and had a look outside to see how the weather looked, all good for the days cr...

05 Oct 2017 by: Scott on Singita

Tin Can Bay to Inskip Point

The solar panel and other accessories we ordered finally arrived, so as soon as we collected them, we departed the marina on a rising tide and made...

04 Oct 2017 by: Scott on Singita

Figtree creek to Tin Can Bay

Departed Figtree creek for Tin Can Bay Marina at 0630hrs. High Tide this morning was 0700 hrs. Arrived at Tin Can Bay marina at 0945hrs, took fuel...

03 Oct 2017 by: Scott on Singita

South White Cliffs to Figtree Creek, near Garry's

Departed this morning at 0545 and arrived at Figtree creek at 0715 hrs. High tide this morning (2.4 mtrs) was at 0700 hours, and we enjoyed good ti...

01 Oct 2017 by: Scott on Singita

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