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Tuuletar is a 44ft Nauticat pilothouse cutter-ketch built by Sitala yacht in Finland 1984. Mark Pitman is the fourth owner having purchased the boat from the previous owners in February 2013 in Scarborough, Brisbane.

Starting in late 2013 Mark & Cat sailed her from the Whitsundays to Hobart; across the Tasman to Bluff in March 2014; up the west coast of NZ through Fiordland and then to Fiji and back to NZ for the 2014/15 cyclone season.

Previously Tuuletar resided in the USA until it was sailed across the Pacific over the course of three years from 2009 to 2012.


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Hanging out with the Little Mermaid

Spring weather has arrived! The otherwise stoic Danes are transformed, now walking about with grins and saying hello when passing in the streets. O...

09 Apr 2017 by: Catherine

New crew member

Like many new parents we are feeling rather overwhelmed. The boat baby is thriving, although we have certainly had our stormy moments on this passa...

13 Mar 2017 by: Catherine

Winter Heating Learning Experiences

Warning: this is a long technical post on winter heating. I've put the conclusions-first (a few paragraphs down) so if you just want to know the c...

19 Feb 2017 by: Mark

Whale strike!

I have exploded in the final month of pregnancy and getting out of bed, has become more of a roll with accompanying groans. I have been rather luck...

07 Feb 2017 by: Catherine

Playing with fire

We have continued to enjoy a relatively "*#!Warm!#*” January but below freezing temperatures are becoming a bit more common. It is actually quite b...

22 Jan 2017 by: Catherine

Happy New Year from Copenhagen!

It seems like everyone is hoping for an improvement on 2016. Proving that we are a slightly superstitious lot, celebrations in Copenhagen seemed to...

01 Jan 2017 by: Catherine

Did you turn it off and on again at the wall?

It has been another hectic but incredible year for us and December has been particularly so. We never expected to find ourselves residing in Denmar...

26 Dec 2016 by: Catherine

A full dance card

Our calendar has suddenly gotten incredibly full, we have been doing so much socialising that we have manage to completely deplete our once extensi...

30 Nov 2016 by: Catherine

Cultural differences

So far we have been settling into Denmark rather easily. We are starting to make some terrific friends amongst the locals, particularly through the...

20 Nov 2016 by: Catherine

Winter preparations and fuel usage

We've started a new logbook "Winter (and a baby) in Copenhagen". It will be a bit different from the others because we're actually going to log ze...

16 Oct 2016 by: Mark

And finally... tied up at Tuborghavn in Copenhagen

The predicted wind joined us 6 hours later than forcast, just as we were pulling into Copenhagen. So again we had to motor but we are finally here ...

23 Sep 2016 by: Catherine

Anchored South of Kalvehave Bridge

We departed this morning with light northerly winds as forecast and had a glorious sail downwind in light winds running with the spinnaker for most...

20 Sep 2016 by: Mark

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Congrats on the baby news! Another grandchild for Grant and Anne to cherish :)

Jan Drury

Hi Cat! You are one amazing women!! I envy your out side the box life :-) :-) :-) I love your blog and I wish you many more adventures. Feel free to invite me on your boat!!

Kasia Piskorz

Welcome in Holland!! Last week we were at Sixhaven, now we are on the IJsselmeer in Enkhuizen. Lovely town for a stop...but there are so many!! This Sunday we will have our "coming back home" part...

Warren & Maria Elzinga

Thanks for the inspiring message you sent the Nauticat Group. We winter on Local Knowledge, a 30-ft motorsailor in the Bahamas, but dream of cruising further some day on a 38-ft Nauticat. Thanks fo...

Frank Davis

Hi Cat and Mark Read your interesting log. Are you still heading for Denmark? ETA? Drop a line if I can help. Have a NC 38 myself af Nappedam nearby Aarhus and we´ll all like to welcome an help ...

Karsten Kristiansen

Hey Guys, Great to see that your still sailing!! Beautifull Well if you guys come across the Netherlands you're welcome to stay. And can't believe you guys are married!! hahaa thought Mark wouldn...

Muq and Saf, Mike and Sophie Jongenelen

Hi Tuuletars, great to read that you made it - apparently this time without any major problems... Hope to see you soon in good old Europe!!!! All the best for the last little leg to come... ...

Birgit & Karl Karl

Tuletar and Crew are making good time. The Atlantic is always kind, so enjoy your landfall at Ascension, and we'll follow your travels. Ash & Brenda

Brenda Russell

Thank you for a great time of drinks and snacks before you set off from Simonstown. I see that you made it to Saldanha Bay. Happy sailing!

David and Joan Walker

Hey Mark and Cat, here's to a happy new year. I just spoke with Jim Merton and he said you were a long way from the Swan River....! Maybe we can catch up in the Med. when you get there, it's not fa...

Alec Holmes

Hey Guys, how are you doing? Just thought about sending some good wishes and a lot of "peri heil" to you ;-) Cheers Philipp

Philipp Schadendorf

Hi followed the link to your blog from Zen Again. Live in Durban and will be watching your progress

Dave Dellar