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Tuuletar is a 44ft Nauticat pilothouse cutter-ketch built by Sitala yacht in Finland 1984. Mark Pitman is the fourth owner having purchased the boat from the previous owners in February 2013 in Scarborough, Brisbane.

Starting in late 2013 Mark & Cat sailed her from the Whitsundays to Hobart; across the Tasman to Bluff in March 2014; up the west coast of NZ through Fiordland and then to Fiji and back to NZ for the 2014/15 cyclone season.

Previously Tuuletar resided in the USA until it was sailed across the Pacific over the course of three years from 2009 to 2012.


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Fixing website

Apologies previously for the multiple emails that were sent out. I have updated the site so that it should now only send a single email for each log …

02 Dec 2021 by: Mark

24hrs to Departure for Barbados

We are preparing today boat to depart tomorrow to sail across the Atlantic to Barbados. The distance along the rhumb line is 2650nm... although we m…

02 Dec 2021 by: Mark

Departing for Madeira

We are departing soon (within the next 2 hours) to sail for Porto Santo in the Madeira island group.  I have fixed up the website so that it should r…

07 Sep 2021 by: Mark

Back to Copenhagen

After a fun evening catching up with friends from the Danish long distance sailing club (FTLF) we left Anholt. It was mid morning after we waited to …

28 Aug 2017 by: Catherine

Pearly whites

It has been a tough couple of days with the baby. Since arriving her state worsened a little and sleep has been a rarity as we monitor her closely. A…

25 Aug 2017 by: Raphaela

Glorious day sailing to the island of Anholt

We can probably count on one hand the number of 'perfect' sailing days we have experienced in the nearly 30,000 nautical miles sailed together aboard…

23 Aug 2017 by: Raphaela

Læsø: a special welcome back to Denmark

We departed from Norway mid afternoon with a mind to arrive in Skagen around 7-8am the next morning. We encountered a stiff breese and lumpy skagerra…

21 Aug 2017 by: Catherine

Back to Randøya

Wanting to knock off a few miles we decided to head out into some strong winds, knowing that we would be mostly protected by the islands. We stuck ou…

18 Aug 2017 by: Catherine

Anchored at Skogsøya

After all that sailing we decided to give the expensive south coast marinas a miss and enjoy the opportunity the anchor instead. We will be back in D…

17 Aug 2017 by: Catherine

Making miles... Anchored at Hille Is.

We had every intention of returning to the Egersund area to wait out some unfavourable weather but we were making good progress and conditions were f…

16 Aug 2017 by: Catherine

A quick nap at Line Is.

We headed back up the fjord to position ourselves closer to the start of the exposed stretch along the South West coast. With the only weather window…

15 Aug 2017 by: Catherine

On the town wall at Sandnes

We made a brief stop in Sandnes for a quick business meet up. An evening catch up with a local contact we made a little while ago took us out to thei…

14 Aug 2017 by: Catherine

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If you see Diomedea up the coast do say hello. We are from Australia also and currently cruising the Lofotens. You might also see Freydis, another Aussie flag boat who will be heading south toward yo…

David McKay

Dear Cat and Mark I heard you on the radio this morning (Radio 24/7) and could understand that you have become parents. Congratulations! That is amazing news and so nice to hear. We hope You are doi…

Christina Skytte

Just read your blog on the Kimberlies trip and enjoyed it very much. Thank you for the effort of producing it. Lots of information for us as my wife and myself are going there from Perth with our cat…

Robert Whyte

Hi. I enjoyed reading you Darwin to Broome logs. We plan to be doing the same run in April (weather permitting). Would like to ask you a couple of quick questions

Brendan Bradley

Hi Cat and Mark Has she arrived or does she still hide inside Cat? We just want to thank you for your awesome presentation of your journey and live. Just how we would like to live. You might find i…

Per Christiansen

Just want to wish you both a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year! With a baby on the way, 2017 will be very memorable for you.

Brian Clark

thinking of you! How are you? How is babygirl? We want pregnancypictures!!! Are you planned to go to Australie after the baby is born, or will you be around? We will love to come to you when the bab…

Jeannette en Hajo de Boer

Dear Catherine and Mark Welcome to Denmark. I've read a number of your logs and it is very interesting for us. My wife Ulla and I have retired a bit early and are now preparing for our life's bigg…

Kjeld Pedersen

Congrats on the baby news! Another grandchild for Grant and Anne to cherish :)

Jan Drury

Hi Cat! You are one amazing women!! I envy your out side the box life :-) :-) :-) I love your blog and I wish you many more adventures. Feel free to invite me on your boat!!

Kasia Piskorz

Welcome in Holland!! Last week we were at Sixhaven, now we are on the IJsselmeer in Enkhuizen. Lovely town for a stop...but there are so many!! This Sunday we will have our "coming back home" party.…

Warren & Maria Elzinga

Thanks for the inspiring message you sent the Nauticat Group. We winter on Local Knowledge, a 30-ft motorsailor in the Bahamas, but dream of cruising further some day on a 38-ft Nauticat. Thanks for …

Frank Davis