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Broken Bay, Sydney to Bermagui

Delivery trip

07 Mar 2018 by: Scott

Coffs Harbour to Broken Bay, Sydney

Delivery trip.

03 Mar 2018 by: Scott

Gold Coast to Coffs Harbor

Delivery trip to Coffs Harbour

01 Mar 2018 by: Scott

Bums Bay - Sanctuary Cove

Time to park her up again, to head home to Perth

27 Jan 2018 by: Scott

Tipplers Passage - Bums Bay (Gold Coast)

Australia Day in Bums Bay!

25 Jan 2018 by: Scott

Peel Island to Tipplers Passage

After leaving Peel island, we motored down the main channel, passing Snipe Island, Jacobs Well to arrive at Tipplers passage.

24 Jan 2018 by: Scott

Tangalooma - Peel Island

Pleasant sail down to Peel Island, Moreton Bay, warm sunny day with light south easterly wind to start with. No hurry, started of motor sailing, then…

23 Jan 2018 by: Scott

Mooloolaba - Tangalooma

19th January, we finally struck out from Mooloolaba for Tangalooma to meet up with Roger and Julie on Clawdette and to explore the Tangalooma wrecks,…

19 Jan 2018 by: Scott

Mooloolaba and new sails!

After 3 months away from Mooloolaba and Singita, which for me included two months working in Singapore, we were ready to come back to Queensland and …

16 Jan 2018 by: Scott

Singita alone again

Time to leave and go back to Perth for Sonja and back to Singapore for work for me came around all to quickly. After a few days of busy activity inst…

11 Oct 2017 by: Scott

Mooloolaba and Sails

We had been deciding (read procrastinating!) over replacing sails on Singita for the past 4-5 months, and we finally decided to bite the bullet, and …

09 Oct 2017 by: Scott

Inskip Point to Mooloolaba

After spending an uneventful night on the anchor, we awoke at 0500am and had a look outside to see how the weather looked, all good for the days cros…

05 Oct 2017 by: Scott

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