Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast 2018

Bums Bay - Sanctuary Cove

Date:Jan. 27, 2018, 11:19 a.m.
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Lat/Long:27 51.13 S, 153 21.82 E

Time to park her up again, to head home to Perth

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Tipplers Passage - Bums Bay (Gold Coast)

Date:Jan. 25, 2018, 10:54 a.m.
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Australia Day in Bums Bay!

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Peel Island to Tipplers Passage

Date:Jan. 24, 2018, 10:40 a.m.
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After leaving Peel island, we motored down the main channel, passing Snipe Island, Jacobs Well to arrive at Tipplers passage.

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Tangalooma - Peel Island

Date:Jan. 23, 2018, 10:33 a.m.
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Pleasant sail down to Peel Island, Moreton Bay, warm sunny day with light south easterly wind to start with. No hurry, started of motor sailing, then engine off to test out the new sails. Very light sailing initially, then the breeze piped up a little, and soon had us cracking along on a close reach doing high 7's. A very nice, exciting sail, so happy with the new sails.
We had another walk ashore as well as a swim and stopped at Peel Island for the night.

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Mooloolaba - Tangalooma

Date:Jan. 19, 2018, 10:19 a.m.
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19th January, we finally struck out from Mooloolaba for Tangalooma to meet up with Roger and Julie on Clawdette and to explore the Tangalooma wrecks, which we had unfortunately missed on the way north in 2016.
We had a great time snorkelling the wrecks, over 4days of glorious weather, just perfect for the area and wreck diving/snorkelling. Highlights of the stay were snorkelling, a nice long beach walk with Roger and Julie, warm weather and sunshine. Sonja collected another scar, after gashing the back of her leg whilst diving amongst the wrecks. I had been filming the particular stunt, that is Sonja diving down to swim through a large opening in the hull of a wreck - unfortunately, I had not turned the camera on, oops, in trouble for not recording the moment of injury!

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Mooloolaba and new sails!

Date:Jan. 16, 2018, 10:32 a.m.

After 3 months away from Mooloolaba and Singita, which for me included two months working in Singapore, we were ready to come back to Queensland and onto Singita. We flew over via Qantas on the 8th of January, a couple of days later than planned, thanks to an unplanned extra two days at work. Our good friends Roger and Julie from Clawdette met us at Brisbane airport, with hire car, and joined us for the drive up to Mooloolaba to stay with us for a few days, very exciting as we had not seen them since back in early September.
Our sail maker (Vaughan from North sails in Brisbane) advised us there was a delay with the sails, as they were still in New Zealand. We would now have to wait until Thursday or Friday before we would have them fitted to Singita. Frustrating, considering they had from the end of September to get them ordered and made. Oh well, thats life.
We spent the week waiting for our sails with visits to the local beach across the road, and having lots of fun with body surfing. The title of grand slam body surfing champion was hotly contested between Scott and Roger - considering we were both well out of practice, it turned into a very close draw. Very close, but as the author of this story, perhaps I could sway the advantage towards my good self. Ha!
Some maintenance had to be done also, as my clothes locker has been absolutely soaked and had gone moody, due to a leaking port light in the heavy rains experienced in our absence. So, the port light was removed, cleaned up and had new silicon sealant applied. After replacing said port light, all was good again. Now just to see if the clothes could be salvaged…. Yes, they could, though it took a few days of vinegar and bleach treatment to make all good again, with minimal casualties.
Roger and Julie parted from us to head back to Brisbane and Clawdette on Wednesday, a day early as it turned out, as they missed eat street, a closed street affair in town (Brisbane street) where food stalls set up trade. Myself and Sonja went and we also met up with some WWSA ladies (Women who sail Australia) and there partners. A great time and some great food was had, I would call the event a big success for Mooloolaba.
Other tasks performed during the week, were provisioning, servicing the main engine and other small tasks. Finally, on Friday the 13th, the sails arrived. Vaughan from North Sails helped us install them, and checked that all was a good fit. No problems, so we now look forward to getting out and seeing how she performs!
We also caught up with Waggy and Jill, who came down to the yacht last night for some nibbles and beers. Great to catch up with them here again. This morning Waggy came down to the marina to pick us up and go for a scenic drive around town and also dow the coast to Caloundra. Its a very nice coastline, some great beaches along the way were visited. Thanks Waggy, Awesome! He dropped us off in town, so we visited Coles briefly then made our way the the Mooloolaba surf club for lunch and a nice view of the local beach with plenty of people watching as well. The surf was pretty big, the low tide ensuring that most of them were dumpers.

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