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Atlas Tasman Frost sailed the South Pacific from the Marquesas to Fiji in utero. Our little "stowaway" finally made his appearance in Nelson, New Zealand on December 5, 2014!

Taz has a strong grip, and is mesmerized by the sight and sound of water and waves. He's an ever-smiling shipmate with a wicked sense of humor. He's also got a knack for melting the hearts of bureaucratic figures, which will serve him well when entering various countries. His favorite song is "Baby Beluga" by Raffi.

Proud parents Kelsey and Pete took a bit of a ship-board demotion when Taz snuck aboard the Privateer crew. The stowaway rose rapidly through the ranks, becoming Admiral Taz almost overnight. Born to sea-faring parents, Taz has the privilege of "coming in through the cabin window", as they say on the tall ships. He is certainly one of the youngest to sail the world's oceans, sealing his rightful place at the top of the ranks.

Welcome to the watery world, Taz! May your early adventures at sea inspire a lifetime of wanderlust and new discovery.

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