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S/V "Privateer" is a 36' Cape George Cutter built in Port Townsend, WA in 1991. Her beautiful, traditional lines serve us well--she is fast and comfortable on the open ocean. "Privateer" sailed extensively in the wilds of Alaska for many exciting years, until she departed Alaskan waters for New Zealand in 2013-14. She continues sailng West-about toward Africa in 2015-16.


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Red Sun at Night, Sailor's Delight

Tonight the sun went red to bed, with the promise of a good day ahead...our final sunset on the high seas! The passage is winding down so sweetly, a…

17 Mar 2017 by: Peter

On Our Way!!

Sunrise--winds 18 knots N-NW. Not the ideal wind angle yet, but if we are to landfall in Florida in the morning (always preferred) we needed to leav…

16 Mar 2017 by: Peter


We reached latitude 26 N just before 0200 hrs and hove-to. We could see lightning on the horizon from the massive storm to our north. Good thing we…

15 Mar 2017 by: Peter

The Final Front(ier)

We've weathered the cold front today. Throughout this last night, the winds slowly intensified and shifted around from the SE to the S, then SW and …

14 Mar 2017 by: Peter

Planning Ahead

All in all it was a very pleasant day today, besides the motoring. Nep has established himself as the ship's cook this week, serving the captain bre…

13 Mar 2017 by: Peter

1/2 way to Florida

A classic gear failure today: the ship's head! For the past few days, the head (toilet) has developed an alarming habit of spraying a jet of fecal w…

12 Mar 2017 by: Peter

The Final 1,000 Miles

The moustaches are gone, and we are at sea once more. Privateer is laden with fresh provisions for her final 1,000 ocean miles, bound for Florida. …

11 Mar 2017 by: Peter


We enjoyed our last passage sunset and sailed through the windy night with our storm sails set, for the final 100 NM approach. Timing worked out per…

03 Mar 2017 by: Peter

Across the Atlantic, Into the Caribbean Sea!

A banner milestone day today! Our brave and weather-worn gal Privateer has crossed another ocean, with the Caribbean sea is now rushing under her ke…

02 Mar 2017 by: Peter

Feb 28-Mar 1, Cape George Cadillac

For the past 48 hours Privateer has battled squall after squall after squall after squall after squall. During the day they're easy to see, but they…

01 Mar 2017 by: Peter

Feb 25-27, Westward Through the Squalls

As we approached our 15N latitude level-off goal, the winds shifted more E-NE and intensified, as forecast. We are now racing off to the west. Our …

27 Feb 2017 by: Peter

Feb 21-22, Raising the North Star

I believe I read that the Atlantic Ocean is saltier than the Pacific or the Indian. Judging by the rock-salt crystals all over the boat, I would hav…

22 Feb 2017 by: Peter

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It was wonderful to meet you in Cape Town at the V&A waterfront all those weeks ago Peter. With a young son of my own your story has inspired me and I have been following your progress over these pas…

Jonathan Davis

Hi Gave you the wrong e-mail address. actual email boasting about the lion sighting need evidence. Thanks

Stuart Pole

Glad to see you made is safely to Rodrigues. Indian ocean sounds rough and scary. But it shows that Privateer is a pretty strongly built vessel and of course she has a great captain too. Where to…

David Otten

Ahoy Kelsey, Pete, and Taz! I just love keeping updated via your logbook emails! I'm glad to hear everything has been going well thus far, minus some pesky pirate encounters. Aaarrrrggghhh! All is we…

Brooke Boesch

Just found your site . Very interesting read . Nice to read the voyage of another Cape George . We're 4 , kids Rose 6 , Fred 5 . Fair winds to you

wally marienau

Hi! My friend and I built Privateer starting in the 1980’s. We got it about 90% complete and then sold it, and I haven’t seen her since. At the time we were both shipwrights at Cape George Cutter …

Eric Carr

Hey, I've followed.your adventure and in awe. I'm finishing a CG 38 that was extended 2' . This change does not allow for main sheeting behind the helm as the boom length stays the same. I'm consid…

bill henry

Ahoy Three Privateers! Fair winds and safe journey. River eyes on are ya! Ice gone around Pine... traffic is up on the river! God go with you! Much love, Bruce and Deb XXXOOO

Captain Bruce Sherman

Kathy Boesch

Kelsey's mother is my cousin. Your grandmother, Beverly (my dad's sister) sent the link. Very impressive! Truly proud of your abilities and daring! Godspeed on your journey and through your lives…

Owen Haugen

Checking out the new guestbook feature.

Peter Frost