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Captain Peter Frost serves as master sewage technician, knuckle-skinner, and bilge monkey aboard S/V "Privateer". He spent much of his childhood on an island with no electricity and is generally suspicious of popular custom and modern convention. He looks to the old-timers for his inspiration.

Taking his Grandfather's advice to "look at what everyone else is doing, and then do not do that", Peter moved off the land and onto a sailboat in 1999. He's been living aboard (and cursing marine heads) ever since.

After many years cruising the Alaskan wilderness on his 27' O'Day "Silent Partner", Peter founded the adventure sailing company "Pacific NW Expeditions" ( to share his dream and encourage others to discover the wild places that he loves so dearly.

As captain of the "Privateer", Peter has the ability to "already be in the hot tub before they realize you're not a member of the yacht club". Peter Frost holds a professional Captain's license and an un-official license to carry out the duties of a privateering vagabond. Under Peter's rule, the beatings will continue until morale improves.

Peter is currently sailing the world on an open-ended cruise with his blushing bride and new-born babe.

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